Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Infallible pistol that's isn't; and other adventures on Gunbroker

Forgive the lack of posting. I plead vacation and too much work to catch up after I got home. So here's what I been doing on gunbroker since I got back to work.
How insane would it be to name a pistol "Infallible"? Pretty dumb and guess what, the company went out of business back in ought-something of the early 1900s because their pistol was not infallible. This particular one is broke but we're selling it on gunbroker as a curiosity or for a serious collector of oddities. It can be yours a mere $375. Infallible Type II .32 ACP Pistol-Nonfunctional

Now here's a real serious pistol, a Walther OSP International Target 22Short Semi-Auto Pistol.
You're not supposed to dry-fire any rimfire pistol as it can break the firing pin, but I fired this one quite accidentally. I touched the trigger very lightly with a magnet to determine if it is steel - it is - and with that extra-light touch she went "Snap!" That trigger is definitely in the low ounces, much less than a pound. And it can be yours for a mere $1400. (I'm praying the firing pin didn't break when I snapped it accidentally.)

And I need another .22 rifle like I need two more holes in my head. I've got three already, two Winchesters and a Marlin. But this J.C. Higgins 30 .22LR Semi-Auto Rifle w/Weaver C4 Scope caught my eye and tempted me. It was made for Sears by High Standard, same as their Model 30, and features a take-down stock of nicely grained and checkered wood with a wide beavertail forearm. And it has a feature that caught my eye, a left-hand bolt handle. The bolt ejection is right-hand but that usually doesn't bother this lefty with .22 semi-autos as I've seen very few that will spit powder in my face. It can be yours for only $300.

And last but certainly not least is this Magnum Research Desert Eagle Mk.XIX Gold .44Magnum, sporting chrome-plated steel construction throughout with 24K gold-plated accents on the controls and everywhere.  Totally impractical as Magnum Research includes a warning in the box that use, such as in firing this monster, is very likely to wear off the gold-plating. Or more likely just blast it off. It can be yours for a mere $1500.

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