Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Can you pass the 'Citizen's Guide to Firearms ID' test?

I shoulda saved it but I didn't when I was clicking around the other day and saw this photo of a cop holding up an AR-15/M4 variant, which some clueless journalist had labeled in the caption as an "AK-47 assault rifle" used in a crime somewhere.

I worked as a journalist for more than 30 years and stupidity about firearms is just one of the many failings of the vast majority of the leftwingnuts that populate the media these days. And they can't spell either.

Anyway, I stole the image at right from Fark.com where it was used to poke a bit of fun at the clueless about guns.

So let's use it for a Gun IQ test. I'll go first. Starting at top left, we have a genuine AK-47 7.62x39mm then an AR-15 .223/5.56mm. Either could be semi-auto or full auto.

Second row is FN PS-90 5.7x28mm semi-auto bullpup carbine (or perhaps the full-auto version) and then the Israeli Uzi 9mm submachine gun, could be full-auto or semi-auto.

Third row, Barret .50 cal. semi-auto sniper rifle (or perhaps Armalite, certainly I got the type and caliber right) and then a Walther PPK or PPK/S .380 ACP semi-auto pistol. It's hard to tell the two apart without a ruler.

Third row is a CZ-75 9mm semi-auto (or one of the many clones of that great pistol) and a Russian RPG launcher with the rocket-propelled grenade it launches (or maybe a Chinese copy).

Fourth row is some kinda pepper spray device, don''t know for sure. And last could be a Plymouth Valiant, but that's just a guess. It is a genuine klunker and I seem to associate that awful shade of puke green/blue with the Plymouth Valiant. Now you give it a try.

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Anonymous said...

The "pepper spray" is a toy potato shooter. Or maybe an AK-47 I can't tell.