Monday, September 14, 2009

Two smokin' hot "Big Gun" sales days on gunbroker

You may have heard the big "gun boom" business is over. Don't believe it.

It has slowed down some from the frantic frenzy since shortly before Obama got elected.

But the past two days have been absolutely insane with the 400+ guns listed on gunbroker for the gun shop where I work.

Sales have been steady of a few guns a day with an occasional big purchase sprinkled in among a lot of lesser ones.

But suddenly starting Saturday night, the "big guns," those for $1K and higher, are selling like hotcakes. Very expensive hotcakes.

On Sunday morning, I was amazed to see we sold a matched pair of Ruger Talo Vaquero John Wayne Stainless .45 Colt revolvers that are engraved as John Wayne Commemorative issues.

It's a fairly big deal to sell one of those engraved beauties, but a matched pair? For $2100 smackeroos!

The insanity continued today with the sale of not one but two World War II German P08 Lugers.

First this morning we sold a Luger P08 1938 S/42 Mauser 9mm Matching Serial Nos for a mere $1450.

Then later today, we sold a 1937 Mauser for $2000 after having not just one, but two potential buyers showing interest. One pulled the plug before the other one could get it.

Then as I was calling it a day this evening and checked gunbroker one last time, some fellow gun nut shelled out $1K for a very nice Colt Mustang Plus II Mk. IV Series 80 .380 ACP SA.

Toss in a few sales for other guns of lesser value, like a $400 Walther P22 Nickel/Pink .22LR DA Semi-Auto Pistol and it all adds up to perhaps the biggest day my shop has had yet on gunbroker.

And this follows a pretty good week last week with two $1,000 sales, a Winchester Super X2 12 Ga 3.5" DU, Made in Belgium and a SIG P226R Elite Stainless .40S&W Nite Sights, SRT plus a Weatherby Mark V Sporter 7mm Rem Magnum Bolt-Rifle for $900 and a Armalite AR-10 A4F 308/7.62mm 20" Bl OD Green Stk for $1350.

I don't think the boom's over just yet.

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