Sunday, September 20, 2009

Why I'm glad Friday was a stressful day at the gun shop

I realized while I was laying around resting up yesterday that I should be honored that Friday was such a stressful day for me at the gun shop. With most of the crew off setting up for a gun show, the Griffin family owners trusted me to run the gun shop while Mama Griffin handled the pawn business.

Daddy Griffin came strolling in about noon, which is usual. Why not? He's the daddy rabbit who started the business 20-some years ago. He can work when he wants to, or not. And after arriving, he stayed in the back office unless he was needed. And their daughter took the day off almost completely, coming in at 4 p.m. with her little girl.

So I handled the gun business solo virtually all day, fielding local calls and calls from gunbroker sales all over the country, plus helping in-store customers select and purchase guns, ammo, whatever they needed.

And the main job is just being vigilant. Believe it or else, there are some hoodlums dumb enough to try to rob a gun store. It happened at our store recently when Mama and Daddy Griffin were there alone one Saturday night. They were loading up some extra guns to take to a gun show. Daddy Griffin was unlocking and locking the door as he loaded guns in the back of his truck.

The store was obviously closed at 9 p.m., but two hoodlums tried to barge in anyway. Daddy Griffin spotted them sprinting across the highway, heading for the door as he went back inside. He didn't want to be caught fumbling with the keys as they arrived, so he left the door unlocked and retreated inside while drawing his Glock. The two hoodlums came in with the one in front not showing a gun.

Our video surveillance system showed the hoodlum behind him was drawing his pistol while hidden behind the one who came in first. Daddy Griffin greeted the two hoodlums with a Glock .40 and a few choice words. They suddenly decided they had urgent business elsewhere.

We told law enforcement about the incident and were able to identify the pair as two local hoodlums, 18 and 19, who were out on bail after being charged with a home invasion-robbery nearby.

I'm honored that the Griffin family will trust me to get the job done alone in the daylight hours.

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