Wednesday, September 2, 2009

'Miss Manners' offers advice on lunatic femnist slur 'Ma'am'

I love Miss Manners. I read her column on etiquette weekly online and even have one of her books. This is an age which seems to have lost its moorings spiritually, with common sense and with just plain politeness and Miss Manners reminds us what it means to follow the rules of courtesy.

Today she addresses the recent controversy when Sen. Barbara Boxer (Leftwingnut-California) got her panties all in a wad because an Army Brigadier General testifying in Congress dared to address her high-and-mightiness with the feminist slur word "Ma'am." How dare he!?

Dear Miss Manners:

What do you think about Sen. Barbara Boxer being addressed as "ma'am" rather than as "Senator" by a U.S. brigadier general during a Senate hearing? Was this really a breach of protocol?

Let us not go looking for insults -- or assume stupidity, which it would be for anyone to insult a senator at a senatorial hearing.

Miss Manners assures you that "ma'am" is, like its masculine equivalent, "sir," a highly respectful form suitable for addressing any female, including a president, a monarch and your own mother.

Amen, sister, amen. Maybe Miss Manners oughta be our first female President.

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