Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Colt Python joins 'Big Gun' blowout sales on gunbroker.com

The "big gun" blowout continues. This morning when I checked gunbroker sales overnight, lo and behold a Colt Python .357 Magnum in gorgeous Colt blue with a 6" barrel and Pachmayr grips has sold for a mere $1200.

Nobody does deep blue like Colt. God only knows why the company ever stopped production of their double-action revolvers. But they did and now Pythons, Diamondbacks, Anacondas, King Cobras and others Colt "snakes" are going for premium prices.

And though not a "big gun" like the Python, a Ruger GP-100 .38 Special in blue with 4" barrel also sold overnight for a more pedestrian price of $375. We've had the GP-100 in inventory for a while and the boss decided to list it on gunbroker to see if we could move it out. Voila, one GP-100 sold. Ruger has discontinued the GP-100 in .38 Special only, with all current models now in .357 Magnum, which of course will also chamber and fire .38 Special.

I'm sure when I get to work and take the beautiful blue Python out of the Colt baby doll counter where it resides, there will be mixed emotions. Glad for a sale but sad to see it go. As the family members who own the gun shop have said before, they aren't tired of looking at the Python yet. It joins some other "baby dolls" that have departed the Colt counter in recent days.

But we've still got a pretty good collection of classic Colts, Smiths and other gems listed among our current 427 new and used guns on gunbroker. There's even a few Colt "snakes" left.

I don't know what's fueling this spate of high-dollar guns being sold in recent days, but let the "big gun" boom roll on.

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