Monday, September 7, 2009

Sig P250 9mm Compact Nickel Slide is tempting deal

Dang, just when I figure I'm gonna lay low for a while on purchasing handguns (before my wife kills me) the gun shop where I work gets this great deal on Sig P250 9mm compact pistols with a nickel-plated slide.

I guess free enterprise is at work here as the price has dropped significantly on the P250 since it was first released. Prices started out well above $700 but have been dropping since.

We have this same model listed on gunbroker with a camo polymer frame for $675 and now we're competing with ourselves with this great deal on the nickel slide model for only $485.

The P250 is a double-action-only pistol, unlike the classic Sig pistols which are all double-action/single-action. And the response from the buying public has been a bit lukewarm up until now. But with a price drop like this, I imagine demand will rise quickly.

One of my co-workers at the gun shop bought one of the camo models and likes it a lot. And it's a great concept, buy one any size or caliber and then change the polymer grip frame, slide and barrel to a zillion different combinations in 9mm, .40S&W, .357 Sig or .45 ACP in subcompact, compact or full-size.

At prices like this, even the old die-hard Sig classic lovers like me may have to come across. I've got several DAO pistols already, two Glock 10mm, G20 and G29; two S&W M&P .357 Sigs, commander size and compact; and a Steyr M9A1. So the DAO Sig P250 isn't off-putting to me.

It's just that I really love the Sig traditional double-actions. My two P229 .357 Sigs are my absolute favorite pistols and my next acquisition will be a Sig P220 .22LR I tried out over the weekend. Converting it to a .45 ACP Single-Action-Only Sig P220 is the follow-on plan.

After that, a P250 with nickel slide may be next.


Tam said...

The idea behind the 250 is neat, but the DAO makes me sad.

Right now, my finger only has to know two triggers: 1911 single action and S&W revolver double action. I never shoot the Smiths in SA mode.

I'm afraid the SIG's DAO would mess up my timing.

netfotoj said...

I am truly honored, Tam, that you would visit my humble blog and leave a comment. You're one of my favorites and I read your blog every day. Keep up the great work.

As for DAOs, my trigger finger has a right to get confused as I'm constantly shifting from SAO to DA/SA to DAO, depending on whatever mood strikes me when I put on my pistols to go to work. So far it's working for me. If the brown mess hits the fan and I don't survive it because of a confused trigger finger, write a word of warning for my eulogy.