Thursday, January 14, 2010

Clear sign gun-sale frenzy is over: Springfield M1As in stock

The gun-buying frenzy is officially over -- at least until the Obamessiah and his gun-grabbing cohorts do something stupid like trying to ban guns -- again.

I have solid evidence the frenzy is over. One of the hottest if not the hottest guns during the frenzy touched off by Obama's election is the Springfield M1A .308/7.62 NATO semi-auto rifle, in either the standard M1A or the SOCOM shorty configuration.

As soon as we got one in stock at the gun shop where I work, zoom it was gone before you could say Shazzam! And if an M1A survived a few days in the shop, it went to the next gun show where it was almost always the first to sell.

Well no longer. My shop has as of today (ain't saying they'll all be there tomorrow) a plethora of Springfield M1As. How many is a phethora? At least seven. Here's the lineup at this hour:

Springfield AA9628 M1A SOCOM II Urban Camo/4-Rails

Springfield AA9126 M1A Scout Squad Blk Fiberglass

Springfield MA9106 M1A Standard Blk Fiberglass Stk

Springfield MA9222 M1A Loaded NM 22" Bl Walnut Stk

Springfield MA9226 M1A Loaded NM 22" Bl. Black Stk

Springfield MA9229 M1A Loaded NM 22" Bl. Green Stk

Springfield NA9102 M1A National Match Walnut Stock

My personal favorite is the SOCOM II Urban Camo Quad-Rail. Snazzy but outa my budget.

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