Monday, January 4, 2010

Mako Reactive Target works fine, but don't use .38 Wadcutters!

Santa brought me a Mako Reactive Target for Christmas and I finally got a chance to try it out at the indoor range after I concluded teaching a concealed-carry class on Saturday.

The target itself is a man silhouette which comes in several different colors, blue being the one my sweet wife (er, I mean Santa) got for me, which she didn't intentionally choose, that color was the one that came with the target system.

I say ironically because I've been using blue-man silhouette paper targets for the past couple of years that come from Anthony Arms Range in Pittsburgh.

But unlike paper, the Mako target is some type of plastic that is supposed to be "self-healing." Judge for yourself from the photo, which I just took two+ days after shooting holes in it. All but two of the holes put in it with .32 Long, .38 Special and .45 ACP have healed up. The two exceptions, those gaping holes at the top, were from .38 Wadcutters a friend of mine shot it with.

Note to self: Do not use .38 Wadcutters on the Mako target!

For whatever reason, the wadcutters cut two huge holes that are most definitely not healing up.

The blue-man target is mounted on a plastic pole, which mounts into a swivel on an iron base. It's supposed to be adjustable so it falls down either with just one shot or requiring multiple shots. I was shooting at 10 yards and it never failed to fall with the first shot. More testing is needed but I hope if I put it out further, I'll be able to get it to take multiple shots before falling.

Maybe next weekend I'll get a chance to do some further testing. Below is a video that shows what the Mako Reactive Target is supposed to do.

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