Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The job description of a Christian is defined by asking "WWJD?"

It has been said that a newspaper's job is "To comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable." As a former newspaper reporter, photojournalist and editor, I have both heard and used that quote many times. But it never occurred to me that is also an excellent job description for all Christians.

Mike Adams, who does an excellent job of both of the above, reminded me of that Christian duty.

Jesus arouses in the non-believer an unmatched dissonance because He spent his life pushing people’s buttons and questioning the status quo. He did not suffer fools lightly and had nothing resembling tolerance for Pharisaic hypocrisy. Were He walking the Earth today, He would likely reserve his harshest judgment for the hypocritical university liberal.

Jesus did not die on a cross in order to for us to live a life a comfort. His death obligates us to push people’s buttons as He would do were He walking the Earth today. We are not to do so despite the fact that it makes people feel uncomfortable. We are to do so because it makes them feel uncomfortable.

We must never miss an opportunity to cause discomfort among those who wish to ban the Name entirely. What better way to lead them down the road towards Damascus?

Go forth and do likewise, fellow Christian. And when you do so and the comfortable get afflicted and holler "Foul!" also remember one of my daddy's favorite sayings. "The hit dog hollers."

If a dog fight is going on and you fling a rock into the pack to break it up, you can know exactly which dog you hit. It'll be the one who hollers. So go forth and start flinging rocks for Jesus.

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