Friday, January 1, 2010

The least qualified President in history ain't Sarah Palin

True confession time. I read Doonesbury daily. Or at least I did. Probably won't tomorrow.

Gary Trudeau is an excellent case of why Canadians should be kept north of the border. I've been reading him off and on for years but he ticked me off so bad during the 2008 election with his blatantly pro-Obama/anti-McCain-Palin propaganda that I swore off for most of that year.

But when the dust settled in '09, I started reading him again. Now he's gone and done it again. Sarah Palin is so much more qualified to be the leader of our nation than Obama that any sane person wouldn't argue the point. Governor of Alaska, negotiated a treaty with Russia, took on the major oil companies and negotiated an oil deal that got Alaskans a major share of their oil wealth, and that's the short list. Her list of real accomplishments is praise-worthy for any politician, not to mention being a good looking woman who just happens to be pro-life, pro-gun and pro-freedom, four of my personal favorite "pros" as a Christian conservative gun instructor who appreciates any fine-looking woman unless she's dumber than a bag of rocks or swings from the left side. Sarah is all of the former and none of the latter. The lefties can go right on thinking she's stupid but just wait until 2012 and we'll see who gets the last laugh.

On the other hand we have Obama who's never run nothing but his mouth, to quote his jealous "friend" Jesse Jackson and even his own Secretary of State, Hillary "Bruno" Clinton. He is without any doubt the least qualified man ever to run for President, much less to serve as one. He's like the rube who shows up in the operating room with stolen scrubs on and a knife in his hand ready to start surgery and says, "Well, I did stay in a Holiday Inn Express last night."

And Trudeau also takes a swipe at George W. Bush, another good President who served as governor of the great state of Texas and even ran a major league baseball club, either of which blows away Obama's claim to fame as a "community organizer" fresh out of college, the only real job the man ever held. Being a lawyer for scam artists like ACORN is such a scam itself that you notice Obama doesn't even claim that on his almost nonexistent resume of working experience.

And quite frankly the more I see of the man, I'm not even impressed with his so-called brilliance. He ain't showed me nothing yet and here we are a full year in office, still waiting for his first original thought to surface. It's beginning to show that there ain't no there there with Obama.

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