Thursday, January 28, 2010

WWII Ithaca M1911A1 customized into beauty in deep blue and pearl

I need another 1911A1 .45 like I need two more holes in my head.

I've got two full-size 1911 .45s, both wide-frame 15-shot models, one a Para-Ordnance P14-45 heavily customized and the other a customized Llama IX-C.

Plus I've got a compact 1911 Para-Ord P12-45, also customized, which is a 12-shot model.

So I need a single-stack 7-shot 1911, as I said, like I need more holes in my head. I've always believed more is better, particularly when it comes to pistol capacity and 12 or 15 rounds beats seven or eight rounds all day.

But if I had unlimited funds, a 1911A1 I shot photos of and listed on gunbroker would have never made it to the counter at the gun shop where I work.

It's a match customized Ithaca M1911A1 and it is just plain beautiful.

This Ithaca M1911A1 U.S. Army .45 ACP has been refinished a deep, dark blue and customized for match shooting with new front and rear target sights, adjustable trigger and National Match barrel bushing. The bluing has one tiny nick on the front-right slide, two small nicks on the left slide and slight wear at the front of the slide. The bore is unblemished, bright and shiny.

If in original condition this Ithaca M1911A1 would be worth considerably more than we've priced it, but it's a beautiful pistol to be proud of and should be a great match shooter, too.

And if you don't think this Ithaca .45 is beautiful, from its deep blue finish to the pearl grips, you have my sympathy 'cause you just ain't got no soul.

And it can be yours for a mere $950.

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