Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The new Glock G22 .40 S&W Generation 4 makes its debut appearance

Ready to the end the speculation about what the new Generation 4 Glock looks like? Here it is, the new G22 .40 S&W Gen4 that I posted for sale on gunbroker.

I've seen a few posts speculating about the features of the latest Glock pistol, which is the Generation 4 model, but we got our first one in the gun shop last week, so here's the straight skinny, with photos, that show what new features are in it.

This new Generation 4 Glock has several new features, rough-texture grips that have larger dots that are further apart than either RTF or RTF2, the first two versions of rough-texture Glocks, interchangeable backstraps in small, medium and large sizes, and an enlarged magazine release button that is reversible for either right or left-hand shooters. And the new captive dual recoil spring system is said to reduce felt recoil and enable faster follow-up shots. The G22 Gen4 also comes with three 15-rd. magazines.

I've got a couple of Glocks, both 10mm, a subcompact G29 that has been heavily customized, and an almost-stock full-size G20, but I gotta admit Glock is not one of my favorite pistols and I really have no plans to buy anymore. But I've learned to never say never when it comes to guns. Somebody could trade in a subcompact Glock in .357 Sig and that would change.

Anyway, the photos show the features, the wide shot in photo one.

Photo two shows the interchangeable grip backstraps and a closeup of the newest version of RTF, maybe RTF3 on Gen4?

And the third photo shows the new captive dual recoil spring assembly on the guide rod. The guide rod is still plastic, so it's still not up to the standard of my Sta-Tite stainless-black captured-spring guide-rod assembly custom-made for my G20 by Big Taco.

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