Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard Handguns

And more good news from the NRA at the SHOT Show, two new concealed-carry pistols from Smith & Wesson, my personal favorite manufacturer. Both are called Bodyguard, a recycled name from the original S&W Model 38 blue and 638 stainless .38 Special snubbies. The original Bodyguard design has a shrouded hammer that can be cocked, but the new Bodyguard .38 Special is double-action-only.

What catches my attention is this is to be Smith's first ambi-friendly J-frame .38, with a cylinder release on top of the frame. Us lefty shooters have only one left-handed .38 snubby available to date, the Charter Arms model. But this is the very first ambi revolver, to my knowledge.

And the other Bodyguard model is a .380 ACP pocket pistol. I've yet to get bit by the .380 bug but it's very popular, perhaps the most popular pistol caliber at the moment. And both these new Bodyguard Smiths have built-in lasers, which makes shooting small pistols lots easier.
Smith and Wesson Bodyguard Handguns

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