Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Advice on concealed-carry from Mas Ayoob and Clint Smith

Massad Ayoob begins at the beginning in this excerpt from his book on concealed-carry handguns.
One can’t carry a concealed weapon without having a concealable weapon. Some are suitable for the concealed carry task, and some are not.

We can’t cover every possible choice here. A swing through the Krause catalog will show you whole books on the 1911, the Glock, the SIG-Sauer, the Beretta, the Smith & Wesson series, etc. al.

The competent shooter loses little going double-action-only  with a snubby.
The competent shooter loses little going double action only with a snubby. This old M/36 Chief Special with Herrett stocks made 5 out of 5 head shots at 20 yards single action (left) and double action (right)
Other good choices from Paladin include Living with 1911s and Living with Glocks by Robert Boatman, and the outstanding The Snubby Revolver by Ed Lovette. I think Lovette’s book should be read by anyone who owns or is thinking of owning a “snub-nose.” It puts the whole genre in perspective.

As noted earlier, it’s more convenient to have a “wardrobe” of concealable handguns, but it’s not entirely necessary.

Generations of young cops have learned that it’s cheaper to buy a concealment holster for their full-size department-issue service handgun than to purchase a whole new gun and leather set for off-duty carry.

Similarly, many armed citizens have learned that the full-size handgun they bought for home protection is concealable if they set their mind to it.
My personal favorite illustration of that last point, conceal-carry of a full-size handgun, is Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch. Clint's choice for a pocket pistol is a S&W 29 .44 Magnum 4"-barrel wheel gun with a bobbed hammer. Obviously Clint likes cargo pants with great big front pockets.

As Clint sez, "It's a big gun when I put it in my pocket and it's a big gun when I pull it out."

Sorta like the famous saying that everybody wants a .25 ACP to carry but a .44 Magnum when they pull it out. But I gotta admit, I ain't man enough to tote my Model 29 in my pocket.

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