Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ted Nugent raises the roof in Charlotte at Gun Nutz 'R' Us meeting

My biggest regret on not making the NRA annual meeting in Charlotte is not seeing Ted Nugent speak.
Few events here at the 139th Annual Meetings & Exhibits have the ability to pull people out of their chairs like a session with Ted Nugent. Uncle Ted, the Motor City Mad Man, Sweaty Teddy, all these people and more were wrapped up in the package that is Nugent for all those lucky enough to find a spot on the floor to see.
“Fix them,” he said. You have a friend that doesn’t like guns? Spend an afternoon with them at the range. Your wife doesn’t like hunting? Take her to the woods until she lands her first deer. To paraphrase Uncle Ted, there’s no one out there who can’t be saved, we just have to fix them.
“He was spectacular,” said a member from New York. “Maybe more raw than some were expecting, but hey – that’s Ted. Might not like all the words, but the message is always on target.”
Bringing people to their feet time and again, The Nuge wrapped up the event with a handful of tunes and a plea for those who protect and serve. Be they firemen, policeman, or soliders, you should treat them. Treat them to an NRA membership. Treat them to a meal. Treat them to anything and everything because these are the people who protect our lives and freedoms so we should do everything within our power to protect them. 
 Does that pose remind you of Charlton Heston? I'm sure that's what Ted had in mind.

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