Monday, May 24, 2010

Two new LCR models by Ruger raise 5-shot snubby bar higher

Ruger's not resting on its laurels since the introduction of its LCR, Light Compact Revolver, which really is a new wrinkle in double-action-only .38 Special+P 5-shot wheel guns.

It's almost heresy for a Smith & Wesson lover like me to say it, but the LCR has a better out-of-the-box trigger and shoots more comfortably with +P loads than any Airweight J-frame Smith currently offers.

According to reviews I've read of the new S&W Bodyguard .38 Special with an integral lasersight, this new Smith will also include a new and improved DAO trigger, but I haven't seen one yet so I'll reserve judgment on whether it measures up to the LCR.

At least for now IMHO, the LCR has raised the bar for snubbies. And the two new LCRs being introduced raise it even higher, a model in .38 Special+P with an XS Tritium Dot front night sight and smaller, slimmer boot grips, and an LCR .357 Magnum.

American Rifleman reports on the two new LCRs.
Ruger has updated the LCR for faster acquisition and better concealment with XS® Sight Systems 24/7 Tritium Standard Dot front sight, and the lighter LCR Boot Grip.
The new front sight increases low-light acquisition and offers users a flash sight picture to increase shot speed in self-defense situations, while the LCR Boot Grip is smaller, lighter (by ½ oz) than the standard grip, and features smooth side panels and a smooth bottom contour, making the grip less likely to snag on clothing. 
The other new LCR is a .357 Magnum version with a lightweight steel frame to handle the heavier loads.
Previously only available in .38 Spl., Ruger has created a .357 Mag. version for shooters desiring more power and versatility in a compact revolver. The double-action LCR-357 weighs only 17.25 ounces and features the same friction-reducing cam and accessories as the original LCR, including optional Crimson Trace grips. 
"The new LCR-357 is perfectly optimized for the .357 Magnum," remarked Joe Zajk, Ruger's Chief Engineer for revolvers. "Its 17-1/4 ounce weight is just heavy enough to make shooting full-house .357 loads manageable, yet it is still small and light enough for discreet carry."

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