Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which S&W Nightguard is your favorite? And which should be mine?

Working in a gun shop is really bad for your financial health. I've been drooling over the Smith & Wesson Nightguard series of revolvers for some time and have finally decided I gotta have at least one of 'em.

I was leaning toward the Model 310 first, being a big fan of 10mm, then my head was turned by the Model 325 'cause everybody loves .45 ACP right? But both those have the failing of not being able to perform magic. You gotta use moon clips for any auto-pistol caliber in a revolver, no way of getting around it. That is unless you shoot .45 Auto Rim, which is really, really hard to find.

So now I have pared down the list to two calibers, well four anyway, .44 Magnum/.44 Special and .357 Magnum/.38 Special. In particular there's the Model 329 for .44 and models 327 and 386 for .357 Magnum.

The 329 is a 6-shooter that I would probably shoot only .44 Specials in. I can't imagine how little fun shooting .44 Magnums in such a light revolver would be. I don't even shoot .44 Magnums very often in my Model 29.

The 327 is an 8-shot N-frame .357 Magnum and the 386 is a 7-shot L-frame. Rounding out the list is the Model 396, a 5-shot .44 Special L-frame.

I created a poll directly above this post that will remain at the top of the page for the next week. I'll probably do something entirely different in the end, but anyway, cast your vote and give me your reasons why, if you want. My readership is paltry compared to all the big gun blogs, but I value the opinions of all 12 of my loyal readers. Or maybe it's up to 13 now. Don't be shy.

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