Monday, May 17, 2010

A strange long weekend for Gunbroker sales with Sunday as holiday

Gunbroker sales for the gun shop where I work run in spurts but this weekend has been even stranger than usual. Starting on Friday and through 7 p.m. Monday as I write this, we have sold 12 guns for a grand total of $9,073.95, not including shipping, credit-card fees, et c. Not too shabby for a mom and pop gun shop in the little town of Wadesboro, NC, which most folks couldn't find on a map. It probably helps that we currently have more than 700 auctions going so there's a lot of choice stuff to choose from.

And here's the strange part, that four-day period is actually only three days of sales. For some unknown reason, our gunbroker customers all got religion at once and not a single firearm was sold on Sunday. Weird.

There were several high-dollar guns in this spurt, the biggest of which was a Lew Horton Special Government Colt engraved in gold "God Created Man, Col. Colt Made Them Equal" for $1550.

In second place was a Kimber USA Shooting Team Match II 9mm 1911 for $1,399. Frankly I figured that 9mm would sit for a while, but what do I know?

Third place was a fairly well used WWII Springfield Garand with a crack in the stock for $850.

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