Monday, October 25, 2010

Back from Caswell, 'tanned, rested and ready' to serve the Lord

I'm back from Fort Caswell and as Nixon said in '68, I'm tanned, rested and ready. Here's a sunset at Caswell, looking toward the lighthouse on the Cape Fear River side of Oak Island.
 And here's moonrise just after sunset at the point of Oak Island, looking southwest toward Bald Head Island.
And here's the men from my church, Sweet Haven of Rockingham, NC, and Calvary Baptist of Hamlet, singing the songs of Zion in the kitchen of one of the cottages at Fort Caswell. The bald-headed fellow picking the guitar is my pastor, Rev. Mitchell Roller, a former mill-hill boy and hell-raiser, now serving the Lord.
It was a fun three days, but most of all, it was a genuine retreat to get refreshed in the service of our Lord.

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