Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gun magic: Broke S&W .22 transformed into a new M1 Carbine

Now for some gun magic. Watch me while I transform a S&W 317 .22LR 8-shooter that broke when I first shot it -- and was replaced with a brand-new one by Smith & Wesson in a gracious act of customer service...
...into something entirely different. Ready? Abbra caddabbra, shalakazammmmmmmmmmm!
It's an AOM160 Auto-Ordnance M1 Carbine "Tactical Folding Stock Model". I figured I could use a home-defense semi-auto carbine more than another .22 pistol, so when the new S&W 317 came into the gun shop from the factory, I traded it for the carbine. (I'm one of the few gun nuts on the planet who don't like ARs or AKs. I shot an AR, "not my style, said Casey." I owned two SKS models, regular and paratroop, shot both and found them to be accurate enough to barely hit a barn door, sold them both.)

I scored three 30-rd. South Korean-military mags from CDNN, stocked up on 200 rds. of .30 Cal. Carbine ammo from the gun shop and was all ready to go shooting today. Then I came down with an attack of old age.

As one of my senior friends said (who has since gone on to his eternal reward) "Old age is not for sissies.)

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