Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off to Fort Caswell for three days of porch sittin' and cigar smokin'

I'm outa here for three days for my church annual men's retreat to Fort Caswell on the NC coast, where I plan to do exactly what these old farts are doing on the front porch of a cottage there -- absolutely nuthin'.
Got my cigars, a good book, a couple of changes of clothes and a few guns packed. This trip we might do some shooting if I have time in between sitting on the front porch watching the ocean roll by.

I will probably also find time to take some sunrise and sunset photos as Caswell Beach is one of the few places on the East Coast where you can see the sun rise and set over the ocean. I have yet to get a decent sunrise shot at Caswell, but sunset photos are easy to get. This is one of my recent favorites.

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