Sunday, October 17, 2010

With a nation of gun owners, why are there only 4,000 NRA coaches?

I read in one of the gun magazines a while back that the NRA has about 5,000 certified instructors nationwide.

That seems a bit low to me, assuming geographic equality that's only 100 per state. Of course, we can't make that assumption as more populous states likely have more than the average number of instructors.

(Of course that also assumes there are 50 states. If President Obama is right, we have 57 states in the union so the average number is even lower.)

But then I saw this just today from the NRA blog:
The NRA's Education & Training Division is pleased to announce its Coach Education Program has reached 4,000 coaches, setting a new record.
The program, which has experienced tremendous growth in the past few years, trains people to becomed NRA Certified Rifle, Shotgun, or Pistol Coaches. NRA's cadre of coaches work with shooters of all skill levels, from recreational shooters to Olympic athletes.   
So the total is only 4,000, which is a new record. There's something seriously wrong with this statistic. If an old fart like me can learn new skills and become an NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, almost anybody could do it.

How on earth are the shooting skills of this nation to grow and spread if we don't have instructors to teach the new shooters, as well as sharpen up the skills of the old shooters, like me? So here's my challenge to my fellow gun nut readers. You wouldn't be reading my blog if you ain't a gun nut, so click on one of those NRA links above and get yourself signed up to become a pistol, rifle or shotgun instructor. Or all three.

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