Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Age of Nefarious plays to adoring fans at Portsmouth Town Hall

Doug Giles has solved one of the mysteries of the universe, where President Obama came up with that ridiculous comment comparing his healthcare "reform" plans to the U.S. Post Office? No, his speechwriters weren't smoking dope the night before. That was Obama's ad lib when the teleprompter went Tango Uniform during the middle of his speech at the Portsmouth Town Hall, which supposedly was a gathering of just a random bunch of folks off the street who just coincidentally all happened to absolutely adore their Obamessiah.
The only problem with the Portsmouth town hall is that it was more artificially stacked with Obama lap dogs than Pam Anderson’s ta-tas are with boat caulk. Of course the meeting was upbeat and thumping . . . it was contrived. A Cyclops could see that. Look, as a knuckle-dragging heterosexual who lives in a God-blessed testosterone fog, I don’t mind fake when it comes to breasts. But when it comes to being conned by a Boob and his stacked crowd, well . . . I gotta admit . . . that makes me want to spit...

The only shiny moment for me, aside from him outright lying about AARP’s endorsement and the nineteen other bald-faced lies (see during Tuesday’s masturbatory meeting was when Obama went rogue and strayed from the teleprompter, comparing his health care plan to the efficient U. S. Postal Service. That’s the same post office that just delivered a letter I wrote to my dad twenty-one years ago.

Yes, Virginia, when I saw the ‘prompter mechanically collapse into the stage and realized B-HO was about to go off script, I thought, “Yee-frickin’-haw. What’s he gonna say, Lord? Is he going to insult an upstanding white cop? Is he gonna channel Michelle and call America a mean nation?” Nope, he compared his health care bill to a crappy postal system. Obamacare is going postal.

You see, agnostics and atheists, there may be a God after all—and Barack be not his name.

To experience my feelings put to music, check out my new music video The Age of Nefarious:

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