Friday, August 14, 2009

Redneck racists from coast to coast rise up with pitchforks!

Don't you just love it when the stuffed shirts and skirts in Washington, D.C., get their knickers all wadded up in their cracks? I sure do. And I love the spontaneous uprisings going on now coast to coast as Congresspersons and Senators get an earful from the voting public who are shouting "We're mad as hell and we're not gonna take it anymore!"

Obamacare is sinking fast and you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind's blowing. If the Blue Dog Democrats and RINO's have enough brains to rub two rocks together, they're getting the message loud and clear they better back off backing the Obamessiah's plan for Uncle Sam to decide when, where and how much healthcare the paying public is entitled to get.

Can you imagine what great healthcare we'll get when the government provides us the same wonderful service it does for the U.S. Mail? Here's a question for ya, why do they call postal clerks "civil servants" when they're barely civil at best and don't give any service worth writing home about?

Obama had one of those "Oops!" moments in a speech about his healthcare plan that was supposed to be reassuring when he used the post office as an example of how government programs don't work as well as private enterprise.

In Washington, that's what's known as a gaffe, when a politician has a slip of the tongue and actually tells the truth.

So we don't have to worry about government taking over our private healthcare programs because the post office can't compete with FedEx and UPS? But even though the federal guvmint can't deliver the mail on time we're supposed to trust these came "civil servants" with our life and death healthcare choices? What exactly was your point, Mr. President? I suspect the only real point Obama has is the one on top of his pointy little liberal leftwingnut noggin.

Wesley Pruden, as usual, 'splains why the Congresspersons are so clueless about the rage they're hearing from voters, from whom they're usually entirely isolated from in their D.C. "bubble."

The rage at the town halls is particularly irksome because congressmen are not accustomed to anyone talking back to them. They live in the bubble where aides and flunkies tend every need, pop every pimple and hide every hickey, even accompanying members to the members-only dining room to cut their roast beef and dab a napkin at their mouths if need be.

When their constituents raise concerns about what's in the thousand pages of the House health care legislation -- the working version of Obamacare, which few members have read, but aides are even now stumbling over the words of two or more syllables -- the reaction is often irritation bordering on anger, anger crossing over into rage: The elderly and the soon to be elderly are foolish to be concerned about legislation mandating "voluntary" conversations about when and how the elderly should die.

President Obama jokes that these are concerns about "pulling the plug on Grandma," but it's no joke for Grandma. Grandma remembers how Mr. Obama so easily denounced his own white grandma as a racist bigot in his explanation of why and how he chose the Rev. Jeremiah Wright to tutor his family in the moral teachings of the church.

Mr. Obama's acolytes on the Op-Ed pages and the television screens, right on cue, pile on: Only wingnuts, hicks and rednecks could imagine Official U.S. Government bureaucrats guilty of arrogance and hubris. Curiously, these acolytes easily imagine the worst kind of wickedness in other departments of big government. (See Iraq, war in; Bush, George W.)

And while I'm on the topic of enraged rednecks, have you heard the latest accusation as so why all us rednecks (from coast to coast, north and south) are up in arms? We're all racists, saith Kathleen Parker, the token Southern columnist on many liberal newspapers.

I quit reading Parker some time ago when she joined the Obamessiah's court jesters, but Ann Coulter brings us up to date on Kathleen's latest screed in defense of her beloved Obamessiah.

But Kathleen Parker has leapt into the fray to explain that the opposition to Obama's agenda is pure Southern racism. And she's from the South, so it must be true!

As she put it on Chris Matthews' "Hardball": "One word, Chris -- one word. 'Confederacy.' I mean, you know, the South is very -- I live there, OK? I want to make that clear, too, because I'm not bashing Southerners."

No, she was certainly not bashing Southerners. This she made clear in her Washington Post column calling for the Republican Party to "drive a stake through the heart of old Dixie."

Read Ann's latest to get the full details. Short version. Parker was born in Winter Haven, Fla. (AKA Yankee retirement mecca) and now has a pad in South Carolina she visits when she's not in Washington, D.C. at her real home. So she's a genuine Southerner and an expert on racism, right? And I'm a genuine rocket surgeon because I rented a room at a Holiday Inn Express for the night.

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