Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take your friend 'Wildey' with you when trouble calls

Remember when Charles Bronson sent for his friend "Wildey" to clean up a gang of punks? It was one of those Death Wish movies, but I've never actually seen one of the hand cannons used in that movie. Well at least I know what it looks like now.

J&G Sales has got a used one up for sale, the Wildey Hunter .45 Winchester Magnum.
Wildey Hunter semi auto pistol chambered for 45 Winchester Magnum. Has a 10 in. stainless steel barrel. This is a gas operated double action semi auto pistol that features a ventilated ribbed barrel, adjustable sight, and smooth wooden grips. The matte stainless steel finish shows a few nicks and rubs, but in overall very good condition.
And it's only $1,169.95. You go ahead. I'll back you up while you shoot. Way back behind you.

This monster may be sorta like the famous French military rifle offered for sale in a Paris newspaper right after World War II, advertised as: "Never fired, dropped once."

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