Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My next .22 pistol may be a Glock/AA/Walther/ISSC

My next .22 semi-auto? Maybe so. I handled one of these at the gun shop today and took photos that I'll post on gunbroker.com in an auction page. It's a Glock-clone called the ISSC M22 .22LR semi-auto pistol that looks a whole lot like an Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit on a Glock 19 compact 9mm black polymer frame.

And it not only looks like a Glock, it has the familiar slide-removal levers of the Glock. And the trigger has a Glock-like safety lever in the middle. Unlike the Glock, it's single-action-only with an external hammer, vs. double-action-only and striker-fired, but that's the chief differences.

'Net rumor has it the parts are actually made by Glock. Who knows? According to the manufacturer and importer, it has a Walther stainless-steel match barrel, which I guess makes it a Glock/ISSC/Advantage Arms/Walther. Whatever it is, it appears to be a solidly made .22 pistol that handles exactly like a Glock, which will make for good training for us Glock owners.

I've got two Glocks at present, both 10mm. My "bump in the night pistol" is the full-size G20, nearly stock except for a 3.5-lb. trigger and a stainless-steel Big Taco Sta-Tite guide rod with captured recoil spring assembly. And my subcompact G29 is heavily customized and one of my favorite carry pistols. It's a genuine pocket rocket, packing 10 rds. of 10mm projectiles.

The M22 has a 4" barrel, which sorta fills a niche for me as I have a S&W 22A-1 with a 5.5" barrel and have been thinking about adding a shorter barrel for practice and plinking. I can also use the M22 for the NRA Basic Pistol classes I'm offering. For students who don't have their own handgun, I will provide a .22 pistol and ammo for the course.

The ISSC M22 can handle standard velocity .22LR ammo as well as high velocity with an extra recoil spring included with the pistol. And it's got ambi safety-decocker levers, which is a must for me, being a southpaw. Even the price is right. We're selling the M22s for a mere $370.

It's made in Austria by ISSC Handels Gmbh and imported by Austrian Sporting Arms of Ware, MA, which says:
ISSC fits a Walther match barrel to bar stock steel components for endurance and precision. The M22’s Aluminum slide tops 390 Newton in hardness. The result is certified accuracy and rapid action cycling.

The M22 is the ideal range pistol. The M22 brings you handling and performance that is closer to the modern defensive handgun than any other rimfire pistol. Designed for inexpensive high velocity 22LR ammunition the accurate rapid fire performance of the M22 offers the shooter an economical shortcut for modern pistol practice.

  • Easy to load ten-round magazines

  • Single action trigger offers precision with every shot

  • Accessory rail lets you train with lights and lasers

  • High visibility adjustable rear sight.

  • Handles like your carry gun.
Austrian manufacturer ISSC Handels Gmbh adds:
Made in Austria and combining advanced technology with foward-looking innovation, ISSC M22 delivers performance at the highest level.

The M22 exceeds all requirements for modern pistols:
- Match bull barrel and match trigger delivers highest accuracy.
- Unmatched safety with 5 different safeties working independent of each other.
- Weaver rail for light and laser systems.
- Precise handling due to perfectly-contoured grip.
- Adjustable rear sight for target shooting.
- Design and manufacturing quality of Austraian-made firearms.
Here's the manufacturer's video, not terribly informative but featuring a good-looking chick shooting the M22 with a catchy upbeat tune playing to the "bang, bang, bang" of .22s popping.

Here's a video review comparing the ISSC M-22 to the Glock 19 9mm Pistol for pistolbuyersguide.com by www.GunWebsites.com:

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