Saturday, August 1, 2009

A trio of Ruger classic .22 rifles at a great price

Shameless Commercial Plugs: I'm a shooter, not a collector. But if I was a collector, I recently posted a trio of classic rifles I can actually afford on for the gun shop where I work.

It's a set of three Ruger 10/22 semi-auto .22LR rifles, all Talo distributor exclusives in walnut and blue steel: Ruger 10/22RB 3 Classics: RB-C, RB-CII and RB-CIII.

We also have the three classics listed individually, but this is a package deal to get all at one time while they're still available.

The Talo classics series begins with the Ruger 10/22RB-C Classic Altamont Stock .22LR Rifle which is at the rear in the photo, continues with Ruger 10/22RB-CII Classic II Altamont Stock .22LR which is the rifle in the middle, then concludes with what the French call "the piece de resistance," the Ruger 10/22RB-CIII French Walnut Monte Carlo Stock. The first two are American walnut stocks, but the third classic is French walnut with a Monte Carlo stock.

It's a rare chance to get some great walnut and blue steel at an affordable price, not to mention they're .22LR rifles, so you won't break the bank when you're shooting your set of classics.


Anonymous said...

Any of these still available?

Anonymous said...

call if available 310 292 8261

netfotoj said...

All three still available as a package deal:

They're also available individually.