Sunday, August 9, 2009

Obama's union thugs bring 'hope and change' to St. Louis

On the left, we have the union thugs who beat up a black conservative and a woman at a St. Louis town hall meeting who dare to challenge their great and mighty Obamessiah. I've been busy on other stuff, but here's a sampling of what's being said about the infamous incident.
Unreal!... SEIU Thugs Who Beat a Black Conservative & Smashed a Woman In Her Face Now Claim They Were the Real Victims

SEIU Gets Violent...Again

Steyn: The Community Is Restless

Obama: Report Your Friends and Neighbors!

Eye Witness to St. Louis Scuffle: 'SEIU Representative Punched Him In the Face.'

And a followup video that catches the union thugs, male and female, in their followup assaults.

And on the right, we have Ann Coulter talking about "the beauty of conservatism."

How can we lose, Ann Coulter's standup in spandex vs. Obama's union thugs? No contest.

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