Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy ol' Uncle Jeremiah Wright is back from the dead -- again!

Bill O'Reilly has a bit of Dracula news this morning. Crazy ol' Uncle Jeremiah Wright is back from the dead and has two of his best crazy-as-a-bedbug buddies with him for a big "event."

Stay with me, because you are not going to believe this column. This month in Chicago, an event will honor three men as "living legends." The men are Minister Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the former pastor of Barack Obama's church, and Father Michael Pfleger, a radical-left Catholic priest. The men will stand together, and thousands of spectators will pay to see them.

The press release announcing the program says, "Because of their legacy of educating, they are being honored as Living Legends for their unfailing work and dedication."

And who, exactly, selected the three men as honorees? Um, well, that would be the Rev. Jeremiah Wright!

That's right, the good reverend is honoring himself and his bomb-throwing pals -- and charging up to $100 for a ticket. Who gets the proceeds? Again, that would be Wright. His school and day-care center will divvy up most of the dollars. Pfleger's parish and Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti charity will also get some cash, according to the release.

There are many interesting things about this exposition. First, it has received almost no media coverage, even though Farrakhan, speaking before a crowd of 20,000 a few days ago, accused the "white right" of planning the assassination of President Obama. The minister, wearing a Muammar Gaddafi-style hat, went on to say that the "Zionists" were derailing the president's agenda and white Christians were praying for Obama's death. Sounds like the stuff of "living legends," doesn't it?

Even I lived across the street from this "big event" in Chicago, I wouldn't be going to hear whatever foolishness these three idiots will be spewing, much less put money in their pockets. And call me wild and crazy, but I'll make a bet at least one other Chicago resident will not be there: the former community organizer who's currently living rent-free in the White House.

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