Friday, March 26, 2010

Village Pawn & Gun Shop robbed by burglars

Do you know this burglar?

Village Pawn & Gun Shop of Wadesboro, NC, where I work, was robbed by burglars smashing through a rear brick wall with a sledgehammer about midnight on Tuesday, March 23. Surveillance cameras captured the culprits on video and Wadesboro Police are investigating, but with no arrests to date.

If you have any information on the burglary, call Wadesboro Police Department at 704-694-2167.

The photos are taken from our surveillance video cameras showing one of the burglars coming in from the back shop, going to the first glass counter he faced and kicking in the glass to grab some guns and run.

Luckily that counter contains Taurus pistols, so the thieves didn't exactly get the cream of the crop. It coulda been a lot worse.

Wadesboro police say they have some suspects so we're hoping for arrests soon and maybe even the recovery of some or all of the approximately 11 handguns and rifles stolen in the robbery.

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