Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Ultimate Colt Ananconda .44 Magnum in RealTree Camo in the bag

We have an Anaconda emergency at the gun shop last week. We sold down to our last Colt Anaconda and the Colt counter was looking skimpy with just one of the big .44 Magnums in residence.

So the owners decided that at long last, I could take photos and list on gunbroker an Anaconda in RealTree Camo they had been hiding in the back office for several months.

Colt only made this beauty one year, in 1996, and the owners just weren't tired of looking at it yet.
Anaconda with scope
- .44 Mag. cal. only, 8 in. barrel, Realtree Grey camo finish on gun and scope. Mfg. 1996 only.
But since it was an Anaconda emergency, they agreed to let me list it.

Here's the Ultimate Colt Anaconda, in the Colt Team RealTree Anaconda camo bag, just like it came from the factory, complete with Redfield scope, also in RealTree Camo.

It can be yours for a mere $1,850 for buy-it-new on gunbroker.com.

I have been a Colt owner only once briefly when I bought a .22 Huntsman for $300. Then along came a guy who offered me $450 for it and it was gone. Besides, I had shot it alongside my S&W 22A-1 and the Smith beat it easily for accuracy and ease of shooting.

Anyway, I've been Colt-less since. I'm not counting the brief period when I had a Colt Cobra .38 Special on layaway, but before I could get it paid off, a Charter Bulldog stainless .44 Special came in the door. So I bid adios to the Cobra. A .44 trumps a .38 every time in my book.

So fellow gun nutz, you're welcome to the RealTree Anaconda. Can't afford it and don't even want to try. I could buy half a dozen nice handguns for the price of this beauty.

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