Monday, March 29, 2010

WaPo sluts bail furiously as Pelosi-Reid-Obama numbers drop

Good news is the polls consistently show the public is not fooled with the Obamacare socialist medicine takeover jammed down our throats by Obama and the Democrats in Congress.

So how does the Washington Post spin the bad news that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's re-election outlook in Nevada is in the crapper?
Reid losing ground after health-care bill
Other Democrats' approval ratings are holding steady
So Harry Reid's numbers are getting worse, but other Democrats are "holding steady." Let me translate. Other Democrats' numbers are still in the crapper, but Reid's are spiraling down in mid flush. Meanwhile, WaPo stooge Vince Bzdek tries vainly to puff up House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
Outlook: 'Woman of the House: The rise of Nancy Pelosi'
Reid, Pelosi and the entire Democrat majority is heading for a big flush in November that I fearlessly predict will be worse than the sea change after President Clinton's first two years.

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