Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Passing Obamacare will give "Slaughter" a whole new meaning

I'll make a prediction. If the House passes Obamacare, or goes for the "Slaughter solution" by avoiding a vote and just "deem" Obamacare has passed the House, there's gonna be a slaughter in November of Biblical proportions.

The Wall Street Journal calls the "solution" offered by Rep. Louise Slaughter (Damn-Yankee Democrat from Noo Yawk) the Slaughter House Rules.

The reversal of fortunes in the House and Senate in President Clinton's first mid-term election will pale in comparison to the slaughter that's going to occur if Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid ram through this legislation to pull President Obama's bacon out of the fire.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid seem to be pushing all their chips into the pot, betting that the American people are too stupid to understand what the Slaughter amendment is all about. We shall see.

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