Monday, March 1, 2010

Glock 10mm is gone and Sig P220 .45 ACP kit is on the way here

The big Glock 10mm is gone and my Sig P220 .22LR Rimfire is soon gonna be sporting a .45 ACP slide conversion kit.

I boxed up my Glock 20 10mm/9x25mm last week with all accessories and shipped it off to the gun show at Concord for the weekend.

One of my cellmates at the gun shop was looking at it in the booth at the gun show, thinking about buying it himself, when a guy walks up, does a double-take and sez "What is that!?"

It's a made in Austria full-size G20 with an extra Lone Wolf 9x25mm extended ported barrel, three 15-rd. mags and three 17-rd. mags with +2 extenders, Ghost 3.5-lb. trigger, stainless-steel guide rod and captured-recoil-spring assembly, with all standard Glock parts in the factory box with papers, plus 120 rds. of Double Tap Gold Dot JHP ammo.

Try saying that fast three times without taking a breath.

Anyway, my buddy Wes told the guy about it and he bought it on the spot.

So when the Sig P220 .45 ACP caliber conversion kit I ordered from Sig comes in, now I got the cash to pay for it.

This also means I now have only one 10mm pistol in my small arsenal, a customized G29 subcompact.

When the P220 conversion kit arrives, it will become my 4th .45 ACP pistol, one Sig, two Para-Ords, compact P12 and full-size P14; and one Llama IX-C wide-frame full-size.

I also have four .357 Sig pistols (two Sig P229s and two S&W M&Ps, compact and commander-size) and three 9mm pistols (one CZ P07, one Steyr M9A1, one Kel-Tec PF-9) to round out my carry choices. Plus of course, a few revolvers, one Charter .327 Magnum, one S&W .44 Magnum, one Charter .44 Special and two .357 Magnums (one S&W and one Taurus). I shouldn't say it out loud, much less put it in writing, but I'm pretty well set for carry guns now.

That does not mean I'll stop buying guns. I'll just start buying something other than carry pieces.

There's a .44 Magnum Colt-Single-Action-Army-clone at the shop I've had my eye on for some time, plus a dandy stainless Marlin 1894 .357 Magnum lever-action rifle that would make a nice pair with my .44 Magnum stainless Marlin 1894. Choices, choices...

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