Friday, March 26, 2010

CZ P07 Duty 9mm is one of my favorite carry pistols on the job

As the late Hannibal Smith used to say, I love it when a plan comes together. I had a full-size CZ SP01 9mm from Angus Hobdell's CZ Custom Shop, but when I took the job at the gun store, I sold it to change to smaller carry pistols. One of those changes was the CZ P07 Duty 9mm.

I didn't plan it or expect it, but I find myself wearing my CZ P07 probably more often than any other pistol when I go to work at the gun shop.

It's a compact 9mm with a 3.5" barrel but a full-size frame that fits my big hands very well and shoots very well, too.

Sixteen rounds of 9mm with one in the pipe should handle most social encounters and even most professional ones.

It comes in the box with an extra manual safety you can swap out with the factory installed safety/decocker so you can carry it cocked and locked to shoot in single-action-only mode.

That's how I have mine configured and even though the double-action trigger pull is pretty good, the single-action trigger is very, very good and much easier to shoot fast and accurately, too.

The target at right is an 8" bull with a few CZ P07 holes from a range trip, standing at 10 yards rapid fire. I seemed to be shooting a bit low and verified it with the three holes at top left, aimed at the top-left corner cross-hairs.

Here's a video from CZ about police using the P07 that I stole from their company website.

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