Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ethel arrives from Alabama just in time to take her shooting Saturday

I recently ordered a new Steyr S9-A1 subcompact 9mm pistol from Steyr Arms, the Alabama importer for Steyr Mannlicher of Austria, and when it arrived it had black spots on the left side of the slide. I shipped it back to Trussville, AL, after talking to their salesman. He said the new Mannox finish on the Steyr pistols occasionally had that problem and they would fix it.
I got a call yesterday from a very German sounding gent named Herbert in Trussville who said he had removed the spots with some very fine steel wool and it was now ready for prime time. Did I want the same one back or another new one? Do I want to pay another $20 for the FFL transfer fee, or just get my original pistol back for no extra charge? Duh! I voted for the same pistol and it arrived today. Obviously it was over-nighted from Alabama and here she is, spotless and bright and shiny. The slide is a shade lighter also, which I think makes it look even spiffier.

Only one thing left to do now. Take her out for a spin and see how she shoots. I think I'll call her Ethel. I've got a concealed-carry class Saturday, so I'll get a chance to shoot Ethel at the armory indoor range. Range report to come later.

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