Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Habitual liar Mike McIntyre lies to get re-elected to Congress

Mike Adams has a few choice words for North Carolina Congressman Mike McIntyre, who is lying like a dog about his opponent in a mad scramble to avoid the anti-liberal-progressive-leftwingnut flood coming in the fall election. His latest column is headlined Habitual liar for Congress.

What's he lying about? His opponent, Ilario Pantano, wants to eliminate the IRS and the entire income-tax structure and replace it with either a flat tax or a similar program that is called the Fair Tax. McIntyre is running ads saying Pantano wants to raise taxes by 23% when in fact the Fair Tax would lower taxes for all of us.
Ilario Pantano is a supporter of the Fair Tax and he needs our help. Please call Congressman McIntyre (910.815.4959) and ask him to stop lying about the Fair Tax. Please also write to WWAY TV3 and email WECT asking them to pull the ads due to factual inaccuracies. They are under no obligation to run ads that misrepresent pending legislation. Those ads are not an example of political opinion. They are an example of political malpractice. Besides, privately-owned news stations are not bound by the First Amendment, which is designed to regulate governments...
Mike McIntyre used to be an honorable man. Now he is a political whore. We don’t need any more of his kind occupying that domed brothel on the Hill.
One thing you gotta say about Mike Adams, he don't beat around the bush. Tell it like it is Mike!

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Anonymous said...

Ilario Pantano isn't even from NC, and his previous experience? Goldman Sachs. How did he did he expect NC voters to elect him instead of a name they've heard before? Seriously though, both sides ran more of a smear campaign than anything of substance.