Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Steyr S9A1 goes to work in DeSantis holster on DeSantis gun belt

My new Steyr S9-A1 subcompact 9mm went to work with me yesterday at the gun shop in a rig I haven't worn in a while, a DeSantis Speed Scabbard.

I'm not really ambidextrous, which is equally skilled with either hand, more like ambiguous. My right hand is my "strong hand" meaning I throw right-handed.

But my left eye is my master eye, so I have to shoot a long gun from my left shoulder.

I eat and write left-handed, but almost everything else I do right-handed.

The gun term for oddballs like me is cross-dominant, in my case left eye/right hand.

But it comes in pretty handy if you want to wear two handguns, one main and one backup, which is what I habitually do at the gun shop, along with some of the other workers there.

We've had one midnight burglary and one attempted armed robbery during the less than two years that I've worked there, so it behooves us to be ready for anything. In addition to what we carry, there's always a loaded shotgun in easy reach in the gun shop.

So the new carry combo I tried out has the DeSantis rig with S9-A1 in a forward-cant position over my right hip pocket with cell phone on a DeSantis belt and pocket knife clipped in my right-side pocket.

On the left side is my Bianchi Accumold paddle holster with my S&W 396 Night Guard .44 Special revolver.

My new DeSantis gun belt held the gear very comfortably all day. It's the first genuine gun belt I've tried, 1-3/4" wide vs. the 1-1/2" belts I've been wearing. I gotta say after only two days of wearing the DeSantis gun belt I will have more genuine gun belts in my future.

I have read that a good gun belt is better than any off-the-rack belt and now that I've tried it, I found it's true.

I've been buying belts at the local Western wear store, but this plain-Jane DeSantis belt is much more comfortable for all-day wear than any of my other belts.

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Justin said...

These are both quality holsters. DeSantis makes functional holsters that are well made.