Friday, September 10, 2010

How to celebrate 9/11 in the land of the free and home of the brave

Tomorrow is 9/11 which I propose we should celebrate by shooting an Arab terrorist. If Osama isn't available, any Arab terrorist will suffice.

I'll be teaching my monthly concealed-carry class tomorrow, which is entirely appropriate, so let's review the four elements of justified self defense under North Carolina law.

1. You must believe your life to be in immediate danger. (OK, he's a terrorist. Terrorists terrorize with gun, knife, bomb, whatever. Shoot him.)

2. A reasonable person would agree with you. (If you're a terrorist, what reasonable person wouldn't want to shoot you?)

3. You must not be the instigator of a deadly assault. (I'm the victim, he's the terrorist. He started all this crapola on 9/11/01 with a cowardly attack on innocent men, women and children in America. He started it, but we shall finish it.)

4.) You must not use excessive force to counter the deadly threat. (Yes, officer I shot the terrorist five times. Why? Because when I pulled the trigger the 6th time, my revolver went "click.")

Or as the police officer testified in court about a deadly shooting, "Why did you shoot him 17 times, officer?"

"Because that's all the ammo my Glock would hold."

How much force is reasonable to kill a terrorist? You keep shooting not until you think he's dead, but until the terrorist knows he's dead.

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