Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lone Wolf delivers .357 Sig barrel for G29, grip sleeve for Steyr S9A1

My order from Lone Wolf Distributors arrived today with a couple of accessories I ordered.
It still says Glock Model 29 10mm on the slide of my customized G29, but on the inside it is now a G33 subcompact .357 Sig with its new barrel from Lone Wolf.
The only outward sign is the Lone Wolf logo and the 10-357 on the top of the bolt on the new barrel. Fit was perfect, drop in and go. Can't wait to take my new G29/33 to the range Saturday for a test spin in .357 Sig.
Lone Wolf also sent me a Qwik Grip rubber slip-on sleeve for my new Steyr S9A1 9mm subcompact. It took a few squirts of Gun Scrubber, a flat plastic stick and a few choice words, but I finally got it on. It fits literally like a glove and I like the textured surface. I got big mits and I like grip sleeves on some of my pistols.
And I can't resist showing off my new Nill grips on my Sig P220 SAO .45 ACP. I took the .22LR slide off and put the .45 ACP slide on and wore it to work at the gun shop yesterday. Beauty and function, too.

So there's three to test-fire at the range Saturday, G29/33, S9A1 and P220 with the new grips.
And there's a fourth for the range, too. I bought some Hornady .44 Special hollow points that I want to try in my S&W 396 Night Guard. It's gonna be a busy day at the range after my concealed-carry class finishes.

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