Sunday, September 19, 2010

Self-evident truths on Christianity vs. Islam: Obama's double standard

Sometimes the most profound truths are "self-evident" as Thomas Jefferson so ably penned when he summed up why the early American colonists were willing to take on the greatest military power in the world at that time to fight and die for their "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" as endowed to all men by our Creator. columnist Ken Connor points out one of those self-evident truths in the recent incident where the entire Obama administration rolled out the cannons to bear on a pastor of a small church in Florida.

Many Christians in America today feel that their religion is under attack, and with good reason. An attitude of skepticism and downright hostility towards Christianity has taken hold in many corners of society, resulting in actions that test the charity and tolerance of even the most pious believers. Revered Christian icons have been immersed in urine and smeared in elephant dung in the name of "art" (with the patronage of the federal government, no less), Jesus Christ and his followers have been portrayed as gay lovers in an off-Broadway play, personal faith testimonies and religious groups have been censored on high school and college campuses across America, a veterans' cross memorial in the California desert has been the target of an ACLU lawsuit, and Bibles have been burned by the U.S. government in the name of "diplomacy."
Despite the role that Christianity has played in the character and formation of the United States – despite it's status as the majority religion in America and one of the three great world religions – I don't recall a single instance where a President and a Secretary of State and a general intervened on behalf of Christians with a plea for respect and restraint directed toward provocateurs who denigrated their faith. I certainly cannot recall any instance in which an anti-Christian provocateur has been told by such luminaries that his actions against Christianity might prompt Christians around the world to commit violent acts of retaliation. An offense against Islam, however, is a different story. When rumors began to circulate that a fundamentalist Christian pastor named Terry Jones was planning to burn the Koran on September 11th as a sign of American opposition to Islamic terrorism, darn near the entire government – from the military to the State Department to the FBI, even the President himself – weighed in. 
And if that double standard so clearly illustrated by the incident doesn't get your blood to rising, take a few minutes and read Doug Giles Sunday column, 29 Reasons Why BHO Is the Greatest President Ever (If You Hate America)

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