Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AmericanRifleman.org - Steyr Model 95

AmericanRifleman.org - Steyr Model 95
The gun shop where I work has one of these little carbines in very good condition as a very low price and I've considered adding it to my arsenal, just for fun. Ammo is hard to find, 8x56R, but we got some of the ammo and stripper clips from the former owner who sold it to us.

The only thing that gives me pause is what one of our customers who is knowledgeable about military surplus rifles called it: a Slobberknocker.


Tam said...

You won't wonder if it went off or not, that's for sure.

Graf & Sons is producing 8x56R ammo for Hornady, and I believe Prvi Partizan is importing some as well, so the ammo condition is light years better than it was four or five years ago, where it was surplus or nothing.

Don't lose the clips!

netfotoj said...

My shop has a box of new Hornady in 8x56R but it's good to know Prvi Partizan is offering some which should be cheaper. That might tip my scale to a buy. But first I got this hammerless .357 Magnum snubby in layaway to pay off. Then...