Thursday, February 18, 2010

Saturday will be .22 Pistol Day with 3 Sigs, 1 S&W and 1 DW

The .22LR slide kit for my Sig P229 .357 Sig pistols that I ordered at the gun shop where I work hath arrived and I got a pleasant surprise.

Sig says you gotta order the .22 slide kit for either a P229 or the P229R, with the "R" for rail. I've got both, so I just told the sales rep to send me whichever one they had in stock.

They sent the P229R kit, but lo and behold, it also fits my P229 SAS Gen2, which ain't got no rail, as well as the P229R. I tried it on both. Ain't took no photos yet, but that's the no-R 229 at right top.

Only way to see if the slide kit works on both P229s is to go shoot it, so I will on Saturday. Praise the Lord and pass the ammo, weather report for Saturday here in the soon-to-be-again Sunny South is 59 degrees and sunny!

I'll also be shooting my Sig P220 Rimfire Classic, which remains sans the .45 ACP Caliber X-Change Kit, which is still on order from Sig.

And not last and certainly not least, I will also be shooting my S&W 22A-1, which I fully expect to remain the most accurate and best shooting .22 pistol I've got.

It's got a trigger-pull weight of 1 lb. 12.4 oz. which makes it just about impossible to shoot badly. With the green-fiber-optic front sight plus the handsome and comfortable monkey-wood grip I added, it's got to be the easiest-to-shoot .22 pistol I will ever own, unless I spend a ton of money on some Olympic-quality target pistol.

And lastly, I'm also looking forward to zeroing the sights on my recently purchased Dan Wesson .22 revolver, which I have thus far only shot at the local clay bank with a bit of plinking to determine what brand of ammo it does and does not like.

It's partial to Federal, so I will be testing it and zeroing it with at least a couple of different Federal and American Eagle .22 varieties.

But mostly I'm planning to really enjoy shooting my pair of Sig P229s with .22 ammo instead of .357 Sig.

I love .357 Sig, but shooting up hundreds of rounds of ammo is just a bit expensive. I usually limit myself to about 50 rounds max, if that, when I shoot the .357 Sig pistols.

But with this new P229 .22 slide kit, I can shoot both my P229s to my heart's content and only blow a few bucks at a session. Good training with two carry pistols and lots of fun in the bargain.

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