Thursday, February 18, 2010

Facebook persecutes 8.999 months pregnant mom in Pittsburgh

I can't figure out to send an actual email or any kind of message to the idiots who run Facebook, so I'll have to limit myself to blogging about it, but those idiots have got all the good sense of Barack Hussein Obama.

My wife's daughter in Pittsburgh is 8.999+ months pregnant with a toddler she's also trying to keep up with and Facebook is persecuting this sweet lady, who's a victim, not a perpetrator.

Some useless scumsucker hacked into her Hotmail account and used that info to hack into her Facebook account and then proceeded to send messages to everyone on her contacts list asking them to send money to London. Anyone who knows Jess knows that she's 8.999+ months pregnant, due any day or any hour now and about as likely to be stuck in London asking for friends to send her pounds as she is to be sending messages from the dark side of the moon.

But to make a long story longer, Facebook responded by shutting down her account. Then after she waited a week for them to let her out of jail, she started a new Facebook page under her married name. And Facebook responded by shutting down that page too. Nothing like treating a victim like a criminal, is there? So I echo Jessie's sentiment, which she posted on her blog.

Sending facebook a big fat middle finger

EFF YOU, facebook.

That's 2 accounts suspended in less than a week. I can see that maybe you had reason for the first account if you believe that treating the victim like the criminal is the way to deal with things. You had no reason for the second account.

I'm seriously considering closing my Facebook account in protest, but when I poked around this morning trying to figure out how to send them a message in protest or how to close my account, they certainly didn't make either option available, so far as I can could find. If I knew it would deliver a bullet to Facebook, I'll pull an Elvis and shoot my monitor. Arrrrrgggghhhh!

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