Sunday, February 7, 2010

More civility from Obama? Doubtful. Sarah Palin in 2012? Definitely!

Doug Giles takes President Obama's call for "more civility" in politics and runs with it in National Prayer Breakfast: Obama Wants Civility Now, Dammit

This week at the National Prayer Breakfast, President Obama waxed eloquent on the need for more “civility” in the national discourse, to which Rahm Emanuel replied, “That’s effing retarded.”

Later that day Emanuel, in homage to Obama’s exhortation to be more mannerly, stabbed a tarpon in the eye with a butcher knife and had it UPSed overnight to Scott Brown’s D.C. office while screaming, “I got your manners right here, mama!”

When the NBC execs who head up the PR arm of Obama’s political agenda heard the call for courtesy, they cried, “Yes, civility! Finally! We need more of that civility crap and no more of FOX News’ insensitivity!”

And while we're talking about national politics, guess who has thrown the fat into the fire? Former Alaskan Governor and Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin gives the keynote speech at the first national Tea Party convention. This is the entire speech Sarah Barracuda gave, 40 minutes and 27 seconds, and it's what I believe voters are ready to hear.

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