Friday, February 19, 2010

Two victories for gun owners, National Parks and Virginia, too

Victories for gun owners haven't exactly been thick on the ground since the leftwingnuts took power in Washington, but today brings news of not just one but two such happy events.

First, the outgoing Bush administration ruling to allow legal carry in National Parks has finally become law, despite the leftwingnuts' attempts to reverse that decision.

The federal government will lift long-standing restrictions on guns in national parks Monday, meaning that visitors with proper permits could pack heat along with camping and picnic gear to most of the 392 parks. The move concerns current and former employees of the National Park Service who are convinced that the move will damage the spirit of the nation's park system.

Depending on state gun laws, visitors will be able to carry concealed and loaded guns into parks, the Park Service said.

And in the great state of Virginia, sanity is returning with the prospect appearing very likely for repeal of its law on restrictions of gun purchases.

Virginia finally is poised to repeal its unusual law that prohibits law-abiding citizens from buying more than one gun per month. It's about time, because the red tape has not had the desired effect in lowering crime. There is no academic research by criminologists or economists that shows that one-gun-a-month regulations reduce crime in either the states that pass them or their neighbors. The laws have merely inconvenienced honest Americans who want to buy guns.

Besides Virginia, only Maryland, California and New Jersey still have these laws. South Carolina was the first state to adopt the restrictions in 1976 but repealed the limit in 2004. New Jersey has had the law on the books for less than two months now.

I'm sure all Virginia gun owners are delighted to hear this. Thank God we don't have a law like that in North Carolina. I buy guns every time I have the money, but I just don't have enough disposable income to buy one every month, as much as I'd like to. I don't wanna be illegal.

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