Thursday, February 25, 2010

The perfect wife comes with her husband to the gun shop

I met the perfect wife yesterday. This guy who's been a regular at the gun shop brought his wife in for the first time. He bought one pistol and was looking at another. He asked my advice and though it was a brand name I never heard of, Hawes, it's a Single-Action-Army Colt clone in .22 Magnum/.22LR and on the barrel it said "J.P. Sauer & Sohn" and "Made in West Germany."

J.P. Sauer is the German firm that merged with the Swiss firm of Sig to form Sig Sauer, and neither Sig nor Sauer ever made anything but excellently engineered and manufactured firearms. There's another J.P. Sauer single-action .44 Magnum in the counter that will be my first single-action pistol if it's there long enough to get to the top of my buy-me-next list.

Anyway, I recommended he buy it. He turned to his wife and said, "What do you think? Should I put it on layaway?" His sweet wife didn't pause a second. "If you want it, go ahead and buy it."

Now fellas, that is the perfect wife. I can't even get my wife into a gun shop.

When we first married, she wasn't shaping up so I told her, "You've got three days to shape up and show me some improvement or ship out!" For the first two days, I didn't see a thing.

Then on the third day, I started to see a little ... after the swelling went down in one of my eyes.

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