Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glenn Beck blasts Obama and 'Progressives' with 'Common Sense'

I didn't start out a Glenn Beck fan, but I'm becoming more of one every day. He's the Thomas Paine of the second American Revolution, bringing Common Sense to the political climate of our times. I watched most of his speech at CPAC after coming in late and IMHO, he knocked Obama and the "Progressives" currently in power clear out of the ballpark.

Merdith Jessup at summed up Beck's appeal thusly from his speech at CPAC:
This unabashed pride in our country continues to be the defining theme of CPAC and the conservative movement in America. As Glenn Beck stressed today, one of the most important aspects of conservatism is a health appreciation for America's exceptional history. It's America's history that provides us with lessons from our past and promise for our future.

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