Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I love the smell of Hoppes/Gunscrubber/Kroil oil in the morning

Went shooting on Saturday with these three new-to-me handguns, S&W 469 Mini 9mm, Dan Wesson 22LR revolver and Taurus 65CH .357 Magnum, so guess how long it took me to clean all three?

If you said this morning, you'd be right. I'm not lazy (well yes I am too). I'm also a charter member of the Procrastinators Club but I can never find the time to send my dues in.

I was too tired Saturday afternoon/evening, Sunday is a day of rest, Monday I worked at home so I can put off cleaning for another day. So finally Tuesday morning I had to clean the Smith because I wanted to wear it. Also got the Taurus cleaned Tuesday because it had to go back into the layaway safe at work until I got it paid off.

So I went to work yesterday smelling like Hoppes No. 9

Then finally this morning, I got the Dan Wesson cleaned too. Better late than never I always say. And I gotta confess, I do love the smell of Hoppes, Gunscrubber and Kroil oil in the morning.

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